If you’ve been hunting for a great massage therapist in Bracknell, you can stop looking!

Full body massage with organic hot coconut oil 1hr treatment - £40

Swedish & Aromatherapy Massage 1hr treatment - £40

-A full Body Massage using rejuvenating Swedish Massage techniques alongside relaxing aromatherapy oils.


Swedish & Aromatherapy Massage 30 min treatment - £23

-Treat your neck and back to a massage focused on relieving tension and loosening stiff muscles.


Legs and feet massage 30 min treatment -£20

-Improve blood circulation and reduce pain by relieving swollen legs & feet.


Head Massage 15 min -£10

-Reduce pain and remove muscle tension by improving circulation with a relaxing scalp massage. Perfect for headache and migraine sufferers.


Focused Repair Massage Treatment 15 min £10

-Let your therapist know where it hurts and she’ll work out any knots, kneading away any aches and pains.


Hot Stone Massage Therapy 1h15min - £45


Hot Stone Massage works wonders on muscles, melting away stored up tension, reducing stiffness as well as increasing your metabolism. Promoting general wellbeing by balancing the mind, body and soul, hot stone massage is a deep relaxation method that’s sure to bring long desired relief.


Your hot stone session will feature water-heated stones that are either placed on key points or used to offer a deep tissue massage. You’ll enjoy deeper relaxation as your therapist customises the treatment to meet your specific needs and expectations.


-Ease tension and muscle stiffness

-Improve wellbeing by decreasing stress and anxiety

-Deeply warm muscles and increase circulation

-Ideal for anyone suffering from mild to chronic pain illnesses such as rheumatic and arthritic conditions, Fibromyalgia, Back pain, Poor circulation or Insomnia.

Massage treatments:


Affordable massage treatments at Beauty Land in the centre of Bracknell will relax your senses offering relief to your stiff and tense muscles.


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