The complete guide to eyelash extensions

February 12, 2016

Some people are born with luscious lashes, but for most people, make up is the only way to make them look long and volumised. Many people will also use false eyelashes to enhance their natural lash, but these often come with a range of problems. Common problems include: the fact they can be incredibly fiddly to put on and they only tend to last for a short period of time, making them a lot of effort.

Another way to extend the length of your natural lash is to apply eyelash extensions. By attending your local salon, trained beauty professionals are able to enhance your natural lashes for you. This means that you don’t have to do any of the fiddly bits yourself.

The eyelash extensions are applied individually to each eyelash using a strong glue. If you have never had eyelash extensions before, you will need to have a skin test to make sure you are not allergic to the glue.

Assuming that you have no reaction, the lashes can then be applied hair by hair. As you can imagine, this makes the process quite a lengthy one. But, we promise you that you will regain the time you spend in that one sitting just by no longer having to apply mascara everyday for the next few weeks.

When deciding to get eyelash extensions for the first time you should know that they come in a range of different lengths and thicknesses so, think about what type of look you want to go for. Subtle or dramatic.

Eyelashes are also made using a number of different materials, so it’s worth checking with your salon to find out more about which ones they use. Some salons use real mink lashes which can be a big no no to many animal lovers.

Some people may be considering buying individual eyelash kits and doing it themself. This can be done if you have a lot of patience and preferably someone else to assist you. But, in our opinion, nine times out of ten the results tend to look better when the procedure has been carried out by a professional, but the ultimate direction is down to you.

Finally, it is important that they are well cared for after application. Obviously, the extensions are attached to your real lashes so if you pull them out, then you are likely going to pull out some of your own lashes too. Eyelash extensions will naturally fall off on their own after several weeks so don’t feel the need to rip the off yourself.

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